Principal's Corner

Being on the Same Page

CJHS is one of the few schools in the region that is a BYOD school.  BYOD means Bring Your Own Device and with the help of our students and teachers this has been a successful change that has allowed us to be more flexible with our teaching and learning.  It has also allowed students to be exposed to technology and current trends without spending thousands of dollars.

As with anything it is easy to get comfortable with perks such as BYOD.  While discipline referrals concerning cell phones are way down since the start of the year, many prohibited activities go on without being noticed.  At this time we are experiencing some issues with texting and picture taking.

Students are only allowed free use of their devices two times during the day, in the morning before the bell rings and at lunch recess.  Students who are texting during class time are violating our BYOD policy regardless of the reason.  If they need to contact you they are more than welcome to come to the office and call or simply text you during one of those approved times.  Please join us in communicating this with your child.  We make various efforts at getting this point across but the behavior continues.

I have fielded several complaints from students that pictures or video of them at school has been posted to social media later on in the day.  This has the potential for problems.  Many parents do not want media of their child on the internet.  We work hard to honor this.  However, when a student does this and does not know who is not allowed to be on the internet it causes tension.  We have informed the students that camera use on devices is only allowed under teacher direction.  Not only have we communicated this several times, we have punished several students for camera use.

Please help us be on the same page.  I have found in my 15 years experience in schools that when families help reinforce school rules; they are taken more seriously by the kids.  We take our BYOD policy seriously because we value their devices as learning tools and we want them to continue to have this opportunity.  If you would like to know more about our policy, please visit the district technology page at