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We are a Class Dojo School.  For classroom and school updates you will need to download the app and connect with your child’s teachers.  You will find this to be a very useful tool in communicating with the teachers and keeping up with classroom activities.  Mr. Cass also maintains a Class Dojo class for school wide announcements and activities.  If you are not yet connected, please contact any of your child’s teachers and they can assist you with a class code.

You may also communicate via email.  This is has also been a great way for busy families to stay in touch.  Feel free to email any of your child’s teachers when you need to and please keep your email address updated with the office.

Teacher Name

Email Address

Mr. Cass

Mr. Beery

Mrs. Deason

Mr. Dial

Ms. Francis
Mrs. Goodman

Mr. Hefner

Mr. Hopkins

Mrs. Hoffard

Mrs. Kerley

Mrs. Knox

Mrs. Levanti

Ms. McPhail

Mr. Overturf

Mrs. Stowers

Ms. Swann

Mr. Weaver

Mr. Webb

Mr. Wright