Principal's Corner

Concerned about a profile on social media?  Use Google Image search to figure it out.


This week our PTA Facebook page got a new friend.  The profile given was concerning so we dug a little deeper into the situation.

profile pic

This person, going by the name Ahmed Mohammed, friended the page.  He had only 28 friends and none were from our area.  You can also see a United Nations flag in the background as well as tall buildings out the window.  Here is how you can check a profile image to protect our kids or prevent being scammed.

You can Google search images on your desktop computer.  Go to Google Images and click the camera in the search bar.

image search

Once you upload the picture, you will get search results for that image.  This image came back with eight pages of matches and multiple names for this person using the same profile image.


These people stealing images may be predators or scammers.  Please utilize this tip if you think you might be a victim.