Principal's Corner

The State Board of Education has released the new school report cards.  I wanted to share ours with the community and point out our strengths and weaknesses.  You can go to this LINK to see the report card for CJHS.

The elephant in the room on this report card is our PARCC scores.  Since the PARCC became the standardized test for the state a few years ago we have struggled to find our way with the mechanics and design of the test.  There are fewer reports provided by the state to help us determine what standards we are testing poorly in so it can be a guessing game at most.  I have spoken to many other area middle school level principals and they are reporting the same struggles.  While we do not feel that score defines our kids and the instruction provided here, we do want them to do well and we will continue to work towards that goal.

I would like to thank all of the students, teachers and parents that completed the 5 Essentials Survey last year.  We use that feedback to guide us and this year it was added to the school report card.  If you visit this LINK you will see our general results.  The good news is that we have lots of dark blues on the chart.  The darker the blue in a category means the more progress we are making towards those goals.  I feel our results are good but we obviously can always improve.

Another new feature for this report card is the School Highlights section.  This allows principals to enter accomplishments for their school buildings that cannot be measured by a test.  A quick look at this LINK will show our academic awards earned to date.  Certainly contact me if I have missed any.

I may be biased but I think we have a great school at CJHS.  The school report card may not always reflect our strengths but it is getting better.  What it does not show is the effort made by our students and staff each day to help others and grow personally.  It does not reflect the effort of our dedicated parents that show a genuine interest in the kids and our community.  We will continue to innovate and find new ways to teach and learn to not only serve our kids, but to show respect for those that have invested so much in us.

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