Student Council

Student Council is a club at Central Junior High School sponsored by Mrs. Kay Levanti and Mr. Josh Hefner. 

To be on student council, students had to have a petition signed by 50 of their classmates.  Each student who turned in a completed petition was placed on a ballot.  All students were given the opportunity to vote for the five students they wanted to see on student council.  The students with the most votes were selected for the club.

2012-2013 Student Council Officers

President:  Justin Dodd
Vice President: Mitchell Kerley
Secretary: Morgan Griffith
Treasurer: Olivia Kerley
Publicity: Braxdyn Melvin
Activities Director: Lucas Wolfe
Historian: Marah Willmore

2012-2013 Student Council Members
8thgrade                                                         7th Grade

Noah Allen                                                     Bradlee Croslin   

Justin Dodd                                                    Olivia Hutchcraft

Morgan Griffith                                            Caitlyn Rich

Mitchell Kerley                                               Mara Willmore

Olivia Kerley                                                    Lucas Willmore

Aliah Mason

Braxdyn Melvin